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April Expectations

HEY!!! I'm pretty proud of myself. I didn't forget. I didn't know if I would remember to write my monthly expectations. I had notes put everywhere to remind me, but still.

Every month I want to make a list of what my expectations are for myself. How many books I want to finish or start. How much advertising or takeovers I want to set up for the month and how much time I need to spend on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog.

In March I finished the short story, Rooted In Tragedy, that I wrote for a charity anthology. All the proceeds goes to Heart to Heart Charity.

I also finished Open Fields and The Perfect Wife. They are both edited and sent to the publisher Fiery Vision Publishing. We have picked the covers for them. I hope to have them out in the next month. I have also finished Eva's Submission and just need a final reading before I send it to Entrada.

As I mentioned before, takeovers are a great way for people to meet me and learn about me. I ended up doing 28 takeovers in March. Yeah, that's a lot. I want to cut that number down for April because I found I was spending more time doing takeovers than actual writing. I have 12 set up so far for this month and might just keep it at that.

This is how hard this business is. Remember, I told you I put in fifteen hours days, seven days a week with time off for eating, family events or family time but you can usually find me in my office. I hope that if I work harder and longer then normal I can become successful. Even working my heart out, my royalty check for the last three months was....wait for it....$79.00.

Yeah, pretty sad, right? The first feeling that ran through me was discouragement and for a split second I asked myself why the hell I'm doing this. Frankly,

its not so much for the money, which I could always use, it's knowing I'm making people happy. I've gotten so many positive comments over the last 2 years. People, yes even a few men, beg me for more.

Well, I have more to give them. At any given time, I have three or four books racing through my head. I've got 20 sketched out and another 100 stuck inside my head.


1) Open Fields- Done!!!

2) The Perfect Wife- Done!!!

3) Lacey's Shadow- Still working on

4) Rooted in Tragedy- Done!!!

5) I've also got a 3 book series call the Breathless Series I'd like to work on.

I have several more that are in the rough draft stage but I'll be working on this year.

6) Now or Never- started

7) Imperfect Me- started


Do at least 15 takeovers a month.

Join more book clubs.

Post everyday.

I want to thank my husband for his never-ending support. I wouldn't be able to do this without it. I also want to thank everyone who has read one of my books. You have no idea what it means to an author if they are told someone really enjoyed their book and want more.

I want to put out a quick reminder for people to put in reviews for the authors. It's the nicest thing you can do for them and they always need and appreciate the help.

I will talk to you in a month. Best wishes to every one. Have a great April.

Hey, what do you think of my new logo. I'm pretty excited about it.

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