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January 2021 expectations & Goals

My January 2021 expectations and goals.

Thank God you’re finally here. We’ve been looking forward to seeing you, 2021. 2020 was hell for all of us.

I’m praying 2021 will be better for everyone.

*My new release is called Never Ending and will be out in December.

*I’ve become involved with several series over the next three years.

*Now or Never- still working on. I keep getting ideas for other books and start on those. I need to try to concentrate on the ones in progress better.

*I’m am done with my first historical novel. I will be sending it to a publisher this month.

*I’m still working on the novel called The One I Want.

*I’ve got several more novels in the works and will tell you about them when they get closer to being finished.

*I’m keeping my takeovers less than ten a month, or trying to.

*I’ve got an idea for a new Mail Order Bride series for Crazy Ink.

I hope you all are doing well. Hang in there just a little bit longer. Stay safe.

Best wishes always, and Happy New Year.

Mia Jones

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