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July Expectations

Hello everyone.

I can't believe summer is about half over. I had to register my son for his last year in high school. Yes, it was sad for me and yes, I did tear up.

Let's talk about my July expectations and goals.

*I have finished another book called Breaking Free. I have sent this off to a Beta. I'm hoping to have it to an editor this month. There's a chance to make this into a series called Mail Order Bride Series but things aren't working out like I had hoped so I am still undecided.

*The Summer to Summer Anthology with RR Publishing is out. Look for my story Serenity.

*I'm still doing great in keeping my Takeovers down to around 10-15 a month. It has helped with getting my projects done.

* The book Lacey's shadow I was working on, I put on the back burner. It was too similar to another book so I am now working on it and called it Ava's Shadow. Lacey's book might have to be scrapped.

* Rooted in Tragedy-(Heart to Heart Anthology out in August 2019)

* I've also got a 3 book series call the Breathless Series I'd like to work on but I haven't got a chance yet.

* Now or Never- started

* Imperfect Me- started

* I have signed up to do 2 different Novella's. One is called Coffee Shop and the other Statesmen. I have barely started the coffee shop one but I have until May 2021 for that and April 2020 for the Statesmen. I still have not got to them.

For anyone who knows me I am not a procrastinator, In fact, I start getting anxious if something that has a deadline and I haven't done anything. My anxiety level skyrockets. The only deadlines I have right now are the two anthology's for RR Publishing. Those are my top priorities and I hope to start them this month.

I still have more books than I can count either in the works or stuck in my head.

Don't ever hesitate to get in touch with me through Facebook or my email. I love hearing from people.

That's is for July. You all have a happy Fourth of July and a wonderful month.

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