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Left Behind

Charlene ran from her horrible uncle and the repulsive monster he wanted to give her to. Her faithful warriors escape with her only to be stopped by some highlanders on their way up north. She’s in no danger, but her men decide it was safer for her to be left behind because of a war between the clans.

Even though her heart breaks, she makes due and tried to fit in only to have someone try to take her life, not once but twice.

The Larid of the clan, Calan, is enamored with her but decides she wouldn’t be happy with him, so he pushes her away time and again.

In a desperate attempt to find her family, she tries to escape to run from more heartache, only to find herself in graver strife.

When Calan finds her and accepts his feelings for her, she finally becomes content and safe and determined never to leave him again.

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