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Lost in The Shadows

░P░R░E░O░R░D░E░R░░N░O░W░˚ Out Oct 9, 2019

Lost in the Shadows Mail Order Bride Series Book 2

Link: #CrazyInk #Romance Eva was tossed into a situation she never asked for and was terrified but was willing to take the chance to get away from the life she’d had.

Mason needed to fulfill his legacy to keep the ranch in the family. He only had one way of doing it, with a mail-order bride.

Lost In You Mail-Order Bride Series #1 Out In bookstores #CrazyInk #Romance Anna was from a family of privilege. But you had to be the prettiest, thinnest, have the most money, and come with a narcissistic attitude to match. She had never fit in. She had tried for twenty-three years and it just wasn’t happening. She didn’t look or act anything like her family so now she had to make the scary decision to get on with her life somewhere else. But first, she had to right a terrible wrong that her sister had intentionally caused before she felt she could move on.

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