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May Expectations

Hello everyone.

Let's talk about my May expectations and goals.

Open Fields is now out in stores. Yea!!! Lost In You will be out June 9th and The Perfect Wife will be out July 2.

I have finished another book called Breaking Free. (This wasn't on my April expectations) I have one more read through before I send it my Beta. I will have that out later this year.

I have cut down on my Takeovers. I've cut it to 15 a month. Any more than that and That ends up being all I do. I have little time to actually write.

1) Open Fields- Done!!!

2) The Perfect Wife- Done!!!

3) Lacey's Shadow- Still working on

4) Rooted in Tragedy- Done!!!

5) I've also got a 3 book series call the Breathless Series I'd like to work on.

I have several more that are in the rough draft stage but I'll be working on this year.

6) Now or Never- started

7) Imperfect Me- started

It doesn't look like I got a lot done this last Month. Between the edits for all three books, picking cover and blurbs, I'm happy with what I accomplished. I of course have been writing everyday, posting my books, takeovers and helping other authors.

I'm planning on finishing at least one book by the end of the month.

I hope you have a great month of May.

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