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Never Ending

This book is out in December.



By – Mia Jones

Release Date – December 8, 2020

Johnathan had his life mapped out for him since he was born, and he followed his father dictates until he saw Charlotte. His father would hate everything about her, but he didn’t care. She was the sunshine, the only happiness he had in his dreary life. Now he just had to keep his father directives out of his head, or he may just lose her.

Charlotte knew what she wanted out of life and worked hard to get there. Unexpectedly, she meets a man she could see a future with, but there was so much against them she didn’t know if the possibility of losing herself would be worth it.

She just needed to know if his father would be able to keep them apart? She knew she could be the kind of woman he needed in his life, and he was everything she dreamed of, but too much can happen to break them apart, and then nothing could get them back together.

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