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September Expectations.

My September expectations and goals.

*In August I talked about changing the name of a book I’d finished. I did change the name of the 2nd book in the Mail Order Bride Series from Breaking Free to Lost in The Shadows. It went better with the series name.

*Speaking of Lost in The Shadows, I am pleased to tell you it will be published by Crazy Ink Publishing, October 9, 2019, but is already on pre-order.

*The Summer to Summer Anthology with RR Publishing is OUT. Look for my story, Serenity.

*I am also working on expanding Serenity. I get it back from the publisher in January 2020, and I plan to turn around and publish it myself or ask one of the publishers I work with to help me.

*The Heart to Heart Anthology is out now. I will get this back in February of 2020. I don’t have plans to expand it, but I will get it published as a short story. The name of the story is Rooted in Tragedy.

*I have only been doing 10-15 takeovers per month now. I’m glad I slowed it down. I was spending more time doing them then I was writing.

*I am still working on my book called Ava's Shadow.

*I've also got a 3-book series call the Breathless Series I'd like to work on, but I still haven't got a chance yet. Soon, I hope.

*Now or Never- started.

*Imperfect Me- started

*I have signed up to do two different Novellas for R&R Publishing. One is called Coffee Shop and the other Statesmen. I have barely started the coffee shop one, but I have until May 2021 for that and April 2020 for the Statesmen.

I am working on my novel for the Statesmen for R&R Publishing. I’m trying to come up with a name for it. It has to have the word Montana in it. Wish me luck.

I did decide to take the first week in August to visit my sister. I had a blast, but I always do with them. Unfortunately, we were missing two sisters and my mom. We missed them.

I have much more to come.

I want to thank all the people in my life that give me support. I will forever be in your debt.

I am always here to answer questions. Don't ever hesitate to get in touch with me through Facebook or by email. I love hearing from people.

Have a great September. Fall is just right around the corner. The fall is beautiful in Iowa but what follows (winter) can be pretty harsh so I don’t look forward to that. We’ll see how the winter is.

Be safe.

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