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September Expectations

Fall is coming folks. September 23. The whole year is flying by.

*The Mayhem book signing was rescheduled for next spring.

*The Romance Rendezvous Book Blast went very well. I sold a lot of books and made some new friends. I wouldn't want to do these all the book signings all the time but the next one won't be so traumatic for me. lol

*My Coffee Shop Series story called Forever Cortado was released so check it out.

*I cut down my takeovers tremendously because it was taking too much of my time.

*Now or Never- still working on. I keep getting ideas for other books and start on those. I need to try to concentrate on the ones in progress better.

*I’m still working on the novel called The One I Want.

*I’ve got several more novels in the works and will tell you about them when they get closer to being finished.

*I’ve still got to write a story for the Flowershop Series due January 2022. It will creep up on me, so I need to start it soon.

*My story for the Cruisin Around Series is due June 2022.

*I’ve got to write a story for the Perfectly Stated Series, but it’s not due until November 2023.

*I’ve started a story for the Mail Order Bride series for Crazy Ink.

Be safe.

Best wishes, Mia Jones

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