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April Goals and Expectations

My April 2021 expectations and goals.

Hello Spring

*Left Behind is released. *I’m doing more takeovers lately just to promote myself a bit.

*I’ve become involved with several series over the next three years. I have finished the Broken Roses Anthology story and Thorned Hearts story. I am now working on is the Coffee Shop Series.

*Now or Never- still working on. I keep getting ideas for other books and start on those. I need to try to concentrate on the ones in progress better.

*I’m still working on the novel called The One I Want.

*I’ve got several more novels in the works and will tell you about them when they get closer to being finished.

*I’ve started a story for the Mail Order Bride series for Crazy Ink.

I hope you all are doing well. Be safe.

Xoxo Mia Jones

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