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August Expectations

August for me is going to be exciting. I've got my first two book signings this month. The first one is Mayhem in the Midwest in Madison Wisconsin and the second one is in Cedar Falls Iowa called The Romance Rendezvous Book Blast.

I hope you can come to meet me.

*My Coffee Shop Series story called Forever Cortado will be released on August 13th.

*I cut down my takeovers tremendously because it was taking too much of my time.

*Now or Never- still working on. I keep getting ideas for other books and start on those. I need to try to concentrate on the ones in progress better.

*I’m still working on the novel called The One I Want.

*I’ve got several more novels in the works and will tell you about them when they get closer to being finished.

*I’ve still got to write a story for the Flowershop Series due January 2022. It will creep up on me, so I need to start it soon.

*My story for the Cruisin Around Series is due June 2022.

*I’ve got to write a story for the Perfectly Stated Series, but it’s not due until November 2023.

*I’ve started a story for the Mail Order Bride series for Crazy Ink.

*It never seems to end but that’s my fault. I hate saying no. Something I’ve got to work on definitely.

I hope you guys are doing well.

Be safe.

Best wishes, Mia Jones

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