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February 2022 Goals and Expectations

February 2022

Expectations and Goals-

Well, that stupid gopher saw his shadow again, so we’ve got six more weeks of winter. LOL I know he’s not a gopher.

*This month is pretty mellow. Not a lot of takeovers are being done, which is fine. So, I’ll just be working on my books—one of my favorite things to do. I’ve just got the problem of knowing when to stop. I could work fifteen hours a day and not think twice. Thankfully, I’ve got a husband that will pull me away from the computer once in a while. We’ve started cooking dinner together every night. Well, I do the cooking, and he does the talking, but I enjoy it. We also like to make a bowl of popcorn and watch Homestead Rescue, crammed together on the sofa with our animals everywhere around us, begging for some popcorn. The days are becoming longer, and before we know it, Spring will be here, so enjoy the cold weather and snow (If you have it) for a bit longer.

*I have signed up for the 2022 Romance Rendezvous Book Blast. Come see me in Ceder Falls. I'll get back to you with the date and times.

*I am still planning on cutting down my takeovers tremendously because it was taking too much of my time.

*Now or Never- still working on but I plan to work on it this month.

*I have finished and turned in Lacey's Shadow for the Flower Shop Series. I'll post a picture and blurb.

*I’m still working on the novel called The One I Want.

*I’ve still got several more novels in the works and will tell you about them when they get closer to being finished.

*I am working on my story for the Cruisin Around Series which is due June 2022. I’ve got to get this done.

*I’ve got to write a story for the Perfectly Stated Series, but it’s not due until November 2023.

*I’ve started a story for the Mail Order Bride series for Crazy Ink.

Be safe.

Best wishes, Mia Jones

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