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June Expectations.

Hello everyone.

Let's talk about my June expectations and goals.

*I have finished another book called Breaking Free. I need one more time to go through it before I send it off to my Beta. I do want to get that done this month.

*I have finished another short story for Summer to Summer Anthology. It's been Beta read, edited, and turned in to Kayla.

*I'm still doing great in keeping my Takeovers down to around 15 a month. It has helped with getting my projects done.

* Open Fields- Out in stores.

* The Perfect Wife- Out in stores.

* Lacey's Shadow- Still working on

* A new book I started but have not titled.

* Rooted in Tragedy- Done!!! (Waiting for the Anthology to be published)

* I've also got a 3 book series call the Breathless Series I'd like to work on but I haven't got a chance yet. But I will.

* Now or Never- started

* Imperfect Me- started

* I have signed up to do 2 different Novella's. One is called Coffee Shop and the other Statesmen. I have barely started the coffee shop one but I have until May 2021 for that and April 2020 for the Statesmen.

For the people who know me, they know I am a little slow when it comes to technology. I'm not saying I'm stupid, just that it takes me longer than the average person to learn things. But that has never stopped me before.

One of the things, I have wanted to learn was to make promo book advertisements for Facebook. After many, many hours I have figured it out enough to do one and I'm thrilled. It's not as good as the experts I work with, but I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself. I will keep working on it.

Don't ever hesitate to get in touch with me through Facebook or my email. I love hearing from people.

That's is for June. You all have a wonderful month.

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