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This is my book for the Cruisin Around Series.

It's not out yet but here is the blurb for it.

Jana is asked to babysit her sister on the cruise she was going to enjoy with her new husband. When that went sour, Jana had to go and was not looking forward to it until she met Grant.

Grant wasn’t on the cruise to meet anyone. He was there to find the people that were kidnapping and selling young women. When he meets Jana he hates that he has to lie to her but it was a lot of people at stake.

Because of circumstances out of his control, Jana is pulled into the middle of his investigation and unintentionally solves it for them. Besides his fear for her, he’ll now have to come clean with all the lies and he doesn’t know if she’ll ever forgive him.

I will put the link on my Facebook page and here when I get it.

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